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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a gun out at a school in fairfax county. two >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at -- breaking news. >> two breaking stories. prince george's county. minutes ago, we were over the scene of a bad crash. two people were rejected out of a vehicle that looked over on its side. route 197 in laurel.
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one of the victims was seriously hurt. both have been taken to a nearby hospital. the circumstances that led to the accident remained unclear. >> fire crews were called out to deal with the gas fed house fire. fairfax county firefighters responded to the home on david's field lane in spring field. they were able to shut off the natural gas leak. no one was home when the fire broke out. no injuries were reported. >> a scare at a fairfax county school after staff members discovered a gun in a student's locker. the discovery has parents on guard. >> it was found at robinson secondary school in fairfax. we are live at the school with the latest. >> the school's principal did send an e-mail out to parents to let them know there was a weapon
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on campus today but almost all the parents that we talked with had no idea. we still do not have an answer to the question everyone is asking -- why? >> this seven greater -- seventh grader heard an announcement. a hand gun on school grounds inside of a student's locker. >> i am glad nothing happened or anything. >> administrators at robinson secondary school are not saying what led them to the search of the student's locker but a junior heard it was the students' own a friend who alerted authorities. >> possibly a frenchman -- a freshman. >> and even on the principle attended to calm concern said --
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melissa leonard learned of the scare from oscar >> i am surprised the school did not contact parents. i wish i had a more informed. >> the weather was quickly confiscated. dick was never any imminent danger -- the weapon was quickly confiscated. there was never any imminent danger. >> as far as disciplinary action goes, it is school policy for anyone found with a weapon on campus to be automatically suspended for 10 days with the possibility of being expelled for one year. >> an arlington man is outraged after he and several others were the victims of thieves who stole the wheels off of their cars. jay korff is now live with a warning for residents. >> these crimes are not
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happening along dark city streets. two of these cases happened right across the street from where i am standing -- pentagon row. >> i have never seen anything like this in this neighborhood. >> the wheels on the spot magnum look out place. the original tires and rims were stolen just a few days ago about 27 street in arlington. >> as i walked out, i could tell the car was up on cinderblocks. >> a sharp reminder to residents unaccustomed to such a crime. >> i am merely surprised this happened here. >> police say this case is one of six they are investigating in the last several weeks. pictures of victims' cars are being posted on twitter. a year ago david says he saw a group of bandits swiping the tires of his dodge challenger.
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>> they had masks, gloves. >> they fled with only two. he believes they returned sunday night. this time they got all four, valued at more than $2,000. he even had wheel locks but thieves found the keys in the car. what has car gets repaired, he plans of buying something else. a security system with a camera in case the theives return in the third time. >> if they do that to the car who knows what else they will do. >> authorities admit they need the public's help. the are fairly confident it is two or more individuals and they are hitting in the middle of the night. >> thank you. unbelievable. warbeck and ms. tonight. -- more breaking new
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tonight. mcafee's arrest come hours after he requested asylum. he claims he's being persecuted in belize where he is wanted for questioning in the deadly shooting of a neighbor. >> the attorney general issues a warning targeting consumers and text messages. victims have received text messages that have won a gift card from a well-known store worth several thousand dollars. the text message and struck them to go to a website and interpersonal and permission. anyone who thinks they have been scant is asked to call -- been scammed is asked to call. >> in virginia, it is petitioning to be punishable as a reckless driving. in addition to the proposed
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texting crackdown it also imposes tougher laws for a illegal cigarette tracking -- trafficking. both jurisdictions have higher tobacco taxes. cigarette smuggling has dramatically increased in virginia because it is more profitable than drug dealing. >> president obama has declared a major disaster in d.c. after super storm sandy. this opens up federal money to help cover any emergency work and repairs from the powerful storm. the money will be used to invest in measures to protect against future disasters. more funds to open down the road depended on further damage assessment. >> coming up, an attempted steal thousands. police say someone tried to blow up an atm machine.
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>> starbucks can be expensive and not. we will tell you what the company wants you to spend $400 this holiday season. on one item.
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>> the showdown over the fiscal cliff. a new poll suggests president obama has the american people's support when it comes to taxing the wealthy. this poll shows nearly half of those surveyed once bush eras tax cuts to expire for those making more than $250,000 a year. the poll was taken last weekend. the questions did lean more to the men -- to the democratic party. eric cantor says republicans want to sit down with the president and talk specifics. president obama spoke with business executives, calling for a balanced approach combining taxes with cuts. the president rejected a gop
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counter offer, which targeted government cuts but did not add any new taxes. if the deal is not reached by january 1, everyone's taxes will go up and automatic spending cuts will go into affect. >> starbucks makes news for two reasons. why they want you to spend $450 this holiday season for one product. >> a would-be thief sets off a bomb next to an atm. what wins? pictures that will show you. >> feeling like
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>> ready ms from the district. police are looking -- breaking nes from the district. the victim was stabbed in the side. crews say he is conscious and breathing. the suspect is a thin man wearing a tan shirt. they say he rode off on a bike. >> fbi agents carried out two raids in arlington.
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the first was in rosslyn possibly targeting the university of management and technology. academic dean explains his town house was also raided. fbi agents refused to say what they were looking for. no charges have been filed. >> a bank employee makes an expose of discovery. detectives tell us that someone set off an explosive device on an atm machine. this happened at the bridge in a credit union on gordon sheldon boulevard. we are live with the attempt to steal hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. >> we have seen chris the attempt to steal atms. -- crzy attempts to steal atms. this one also failed. >> for clock. i heard boom.
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>> this virginia credit union atm has a hole in the back and an error message on the screen but all in all does not look too bad considering someone tried to blow it up this morning. >> allow bank. -- a loud bang. >> i thought a gas line exploded. >> album. , people evacuated amid fears. there was no further danger. >> the damage atm is in an area near 95 and route 3. >> one witness saw a suspect from a distance and a surveillance camera caught the person. police are not making public in the images from the camera. things have calmed down a lot. >> i guess we are safe. >> presley's -- police stil want to catch whoever perform and
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failed and on commercial bank robbery. neighbors say this was a heck of an explosion. it set off car alarms at the apartment complex. back to you. >> unbelievable. thank you. 7 is on your side tonight. two new signs that box is thriving, even in this economy. the and now they will at 1500 new cafes and into the united states. they are also offering a new product. a steel gift card. the costs $450. it costs you $50 to buy the card because it is made of steel. starbucks is only making 5000 of them available. >> it will embarrassment tonight for the hospital where kate middleton is currently being treated for severe morning
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sickness. a radio talk-show in australia prank call the hospital pretended to be the queen of england. the staff bought it. >> good morning. this is ... -- this is elizabeth speaking. >> good morning. i'm calling about kate. i want to see her tummy but is doing. -- tummy bug is doing. >> the hospital says the regret giving up a commission on kate's condition. >> i am pretty sure the queen would know the direct line to the room. >> and the nurse would know. >> bet she knows now. >> welcome back. >> thank you. great to be back.
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>> outside tonight a little bit of a chill in the air coming in. like it tim brant early date, isn't it? [laughter] temperatures outside right now falling already. back into the 40's. 42. the average high tomorrow is it the. i also wanted to show you how that weather front came through. a great time lapse. this is from the frederick douglass elementary school. look at those clouds. this is how it looked from way out in space. here we are dealt washington. still some left over clouds. 32 degrees right now. heading out to school to work tomorrow morning, it is a bundle
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up kind of morning. the winds diminished earlier today. a bit of a windshield, too. dulles and manassas and out to fairfax, arlington, now into the low 30's. around detroit chicago, a couple days ago with 70 degrees in chicago. our temperature right here adopt almost 20 degrees from the same time yesterday. officially nothing in washington for rainfall. tomorrow morning, it will be clear and sunny. morning low temperatures around the freezing mark. the winds will be like for them what they have been. temperatures will be higher than this than our micro cast.
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eventually some moisture will be coming back then back into some milder weather as we head into the weekend. unlike december. get everyone in the holiday spirit. for the first day this december, low average them back into the 50's. saturday, tempers near 60 -- temperatures near 60 degrees. rain heading our way. general chance of rain on monday. >> i like how saturday looks. >> the weekend looks pretty good. but the redskins have a short work week to get ready for the ravens.
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>> the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. >> the maryland terrapins are rolling towards the acc season. they have won the games in a row now. limited you back to the comcast center. first half against maryland eastern shore. using the defense to set the offense. the aleut. -- alley oop./ the terps up 12. logan from the -- maryland had five guys. terps win big 100-68.
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charlottesville. tennessee and virginia. 3 ball. harris scored 13 points tonight. a floater. mitchell was there to clean it up. he had 13 points. 12 rebounds. 46-38. let's go to the nba. lakers smelt the hornets. the -- lakers smoked the hor nets. kobe is 34. kareem michael jordan and karl malone are the only five goes to score -- guuys toys to score 30,000 points. the ravens defensive -- they still have ray rice. he lets his eyes move peace --
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moves his feet. he is gone. >> the mortality gets, the better the offense runs. -- the more -- he gets, tehhe better offense runs. >> look how lose these guys as they prepare for sunday's game. what's this game called? it is incredibly popular at the castle cook. more accurate than joe flacco to win the title. for hickey fans -- hockey fans, the league and the players got together. exchange proposals.
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♪ ♪ [ man ] we've been in the business over the course of four centuries. [ woman ] it was a family business back then, and it still feels like a family business now. the only people who knew about us were those in new england that moment that we got r first web order... ♪ ♪ ...weould tell we were on the verge of something macal. all of f a sudden it just felt like things were chging. we can use this to advertise to bakers everywhere. [ man ] browns summit, north carolina. crescent city, california we had a package go to kathmandu once. the web has been the reason this entire section of the warehoe
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exists today. we were becoming more than this lile flour company in vermont. [ woman ] we're all going after one common goal which is to spread the joy of baking throughout the whole world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> 3 special war veterans and arrived at dulles today. they are all straight puppies taken in by soldiers deployed in afghanistan. >> his soldier found him at a
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checkpoint in security detail. he is going to seattle to live with the soldier's girlfriend. >> the third was found on base when he was just eight weeks old. he is not going to live with his soldier.
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>> ready for a chilly day? >> tomorrow, 45 degrees. after that, back into the 50's to 60's for the weekend. rain comes our way late sunday into monday. monday and into tuesday, could rain around us. >> thank you very much. captioned by the
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